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Best Dating Websites of 2024 for Married People

dating sites for married

Are you looking to have an affair outside of your marriage to gain new experiences? In that case, you have come to the right place. Today we will show you some married dating websites, which are freely accessible and allow their users to interact with other married people. 

most of online dating sites They are usually a scam, because they force you to acquire a service that does not comply with anything that it usually offers. However, there are some exceptions that achieve their goal and enjoy high quality. 

For that same reason, our work team has taken the task of investigating these dating sites to married. With the main objective of bringing you various totally safe and, above all, functional options. 

Do you want to know more about it? If so, let's get to it!

How do married dating websites work?

These platforms are specifically designed for those married users looking to have extramarital affairs or discreet encounters. Infidelity does not exist, since most of the people who enter these sites usually reach an agreement with their respective partners.

The main objective of these websites is to facilitate the communication and interaction of married people who want to have new experiences outside of their marriage. Well, they offer different features or functions that guarantee the privacy and discretion of their users, since confidentiality is a key part. 

Dating websites for married couples

These sites often allow and invite interested users to create a profile to search for matches based on various criteria. Such as interests, location, personal preferences and a private chat to exchange ideas with your potential companions.

Other features of married dating websites

If you are still not convinced to use these pages, then we will quickly tell you about other of their aspects more important: 

  • Low profile: While you can create profiles on married dating websites, you also have some options available to protect your identity. How to use a fake name or set your profile to be private
  • Age range: Some pages usually allow you to adjust the range of the people you want to meet. This is another very interesting point that makes your experience much more pleasant.
  • privacy tools: To improve the privacy of your accounts on this type of platform you will have other very effective functions. Such as being able to control who can see your profile and access your personal information

List of free dating websites for married 

If you feel attracted to the idea of having an affair outside of your marriage but don't know which platform to register on, don't be alarmed. To help you make a decision we have collected a series of web pages to meet other married people who have the same interests as you.

All the sites that you will find below are completely safe and functional. In addition, they guarantee to keep your real personal data private if you wish, all to offer a highly discreet service.


We start this list with one of the best websites for married people to have unforgettable dates. c-date, is an application to create relationships under a great security system that protects your data at all times. 

Its interface is very simple and intuitive to use and has become one of the most recommended alternatives by users. Well, most of the married people registered on C-date assure that you will constantly keep a low profile.

Dating websites to meet married people


This application has a slightly different environment than the rest of the platforms that you will find throughout this article. Feeling offers a service for those married couples who are interested in adding someone else to a night of fun and pleasure. 

If you consider that you and your partner are open-minded then you can enjoy all the features that Feeld has. In addition, keeps you low profile so that the invited person cannot know your personal data or those of your wife or husband. 

married dating

Ashley Madison 

It is one of the most used dating websites for married people around the world, as it has millions of active users looking to have a little adventure outside of their marriage. Ashley Madison is one of the oldest platforms that offers this service.

Despite having been involved in a controversy for leaking the data of its users, its moderators have faced the error. Therefore, it is still one of the best options to meet other married people.

dating app for married


This is a recently created dating website, which offers services for married people, engaged and also for singles. Its operation has been key for users to find people with the same tastes and interests in order to have a fun meeting or even a relationship. 

Thanks to its characteristics, it is very easy to achieve casual relationships, since it has options to perform phone calls through the platform. This way, you can have direct contact with other users without having to constantly use your device. 

dating apps to date married people


Although Happn hasn't been launched on the web for long, this site has managed to win the affection of its audience. If you have used applications like Tinder, then you will be very familiar by downloading this application. 

Happn focuses on the protection and security for each of its users, it fully maintains the privacy of your personal data and even makes backup copies of your messages to save all conversations. 

Apps for married dating

Mashed potatoes

This platform is known for making people married, divorced, single and widowed interact with each other. It has features that guarantee discretion, since the user is not obliged to use their real name, they can use an alias and start using a direct chat. 

Unlike other sites Mashed potatoes It doesn't require any personal or relevant information from you, shows you users who are near your location, and offers end-to-end encryption. 

Apps to flirt with married

Once you register you only have to establish a basic profile mentioning your tastes, interests and aspirations so that the system can search for users who are compatible with you. Without a doubt, one of the most innovative and different options for married people.


One of the most experienced free married dating websites on the market is Meetic. A platform that is primarily aimed at adults, whether married or not, this site's key requirement is to be over 40 years old. 

If you are looking for new experiences with married but awesome people, you should use meetic. Well, thanks to its interface, it is extremely easy to use, and it also has a high level of security and data protection so that you can enjoy the service without ruining your marriage. 

senior dating sites

This is one free platform and you can use it for free. However, if you want to know all the functions that are available, we recommend that you purchase its paid version.

Tips for using married dating websites

If you are new to the world of applications and married dating websites, Don't worry. Below we will give you a series of tips so that you can make correct use of these platforms without exposing or affecting the integrity of your marriage. 

As we have mentioned, the privacy It is a fundamental aspect that you cannot lose sight of when using this type of pages. If you want to maintain relationships actively, we leave you these tips: 

Use a unique nickname from married dating websites

By making use of a alias or pseudonym You will be keeping your real data low profile. We recommend using an attention-grabbing nickname so that you have several options available for a date or chance encounter.

We recommend using a nickname that fits your personality and profile photos on the site you register with. So you will attract attention from other users with similar tastes to yours and they will begin to interact. 

Avoid talking to people from the same city

If you are using a dating site while married, you cannot be discovered, much less recognized, by other users of the platform. To do this, we recommend that you maintain contact with people who are In another city where you can easily go in case you establish a personal meeting.

On the other hand, you can also talk to your wife to define these encounters as something extremely physical. However, not everyone has an open mind to allow your partner to use these sites.

final words

We have reached the end for this occasion, what did you think? We hope that all the information found in this post it has been of help to you and you can carry out extramarital encounters with complete success. 

Do you know another alternative to married dating websites? In that case, tell us in the comments box. We will take care of studying its operation to include it in this article.

If you want to know more dating websites for all types of situations you can continue browsing technohive. Our main objective is to keep you up to date with the most up-to-date information in the internet world, don't miss it!