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How to Download FaceApp Pro APK Free 2023

faceapp pro apk

If you are looking for a way to edit the best photos in your gallery, then FaceApp Pro is what you need. Well, this application which works through neural networks allows you to obtain the best results you can imagine, therefore, we are going to explain how to download FaceApp Pro APK totally free.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to use a social network without having a good profile photo or published on your wall. For this reason, the demand for this type of applications has increased considerably.

Thanks to FaceApp, you can become a person over 50 years old, with a beard, without hair and you can even change gender, very fun features that you can try while editing.

However, the free application is limited with some filters available, thus encouraging us to check out to purchase the PRO version of the application. Don't be alarmed, our team has taken it upon itself to find a way to get FaceApp Pro without spending a cent.

What is FaceApp?

It is based on an application designed for editing photos and videos through artificial intelligence. In it, you can find a wide variety of filters and other functions that will allow you to enjoy said AI from your mobile device. 

FaceApp is known worldwide, as in the last year it has managed to collect 80 million active downloads. You can get this application regardless of the operating system of your device, since FaceApp has been designed for both Android and iOS and you can find them in their respective official stores.

what is faceapp

The application has more than 28 filters, of which you can get 21 totally free. But, if you want to use the best filters that FaceApp has for you, you will have to pay for its pro version

If you are here, it is because you do not want to spend your valuable money on this application. Still, there is a way to enjoy all its features for free. Which is to get the FaceApp pro apk for free, keep reading if you want to know more about it!

FaceApp Pro Features

If you still have doubts about downloading FaceApp Pro apk, we will briefly explain some of its most notable aspects in detail.

change your age

Although there are many editing applications that allow you to transform a photo so that you look like someone older, none is as exact as FaceApp Pro. Thanks to its high technology you will be able to obtain very realistic results, you will also have filters that will make you look younger at your disposal. 

Edit your photos to look more attractive

Through the option “Hot"You can use the application's artificial intelligence to improve your facial features such as your smile, eye color, remove blemishes or acne, and much more.

Change gender

One of the funniest features of this app is that it is capable of changing your appearance so that you look like you are the opposite gender. Do you imagine yourself as a man or a woman? Check out this amazing option and have fun with your friends. 

Get a unique style in all your photographs

In addition to changing your age or gender, FaceApp is capable of alter certain physical aspects such as hair, beard, eye color, among others. What are you waiting for? Create a totally new look and surprise your friends.

edit the background 

Thanks to FaceApp pro apk you will not only be able to modify how you look, you can also change the background to make it look like you are in another country or city. You can also add certain things like stickers and other images, and you can even change it with solid colors of your preference. 

Discover what your child will be like with FaceApp Pro Apk for free

One of the most popular functions used by users of the application is the option to know what your son would look like. This works thanks to artificial intelligence, which mixes the facial features of our face and those of your partner, obtaining an incredibly realistic result. 

How about? There is no doubt that faceapp It is a very fun and interesting application. 

How to download FaceApp Pro for free

The free version is a good option when it comes to editing a photo in particular, even so, it leaves us wanting to use and learn about its other functions. For this reason, more and more users are looking for an alternative to get Faceapp Pro for free.

Of course, you must keep in mind that the methods to get the pro version of this application are not so honest, so you should be very cautious when using them. 

download faceapp pro free

Installing FaceApp pro for free can be a very tedious task, as there are a large number of pages that offer this application with false information or that simply does not work. 

To prevent you from wasting time looking for how to have faceapp pro free, we have decided to help you by compiling one of the most secure and functional apks available today. 

How to download FaceApp Pro APK 2023 for free? All unlocked!

If you have no idea how to install a file “Apks” on your cell phone, don't be alarmed. Below we will teach you step by step how to download and install this application quickly and safely. 

  • Click on the button you will see below
  • Go to the settings section and enable permissions to download unknown sources 
  • Once the download is complete, go to your file manager and select the “Faceapp PRO APK” file
  • Click install and wait for the process to finish
  • Brilliant! Now you can enjoy all the features of this amazing application
NameFaceApp Pro
published byFaceApp Technology Ltd
CategoryPhotos & Videos
MODPro Unlocked
Price Gratuitous
Android version requiredAndroid 7.0 or higher

Download FaceApp Pro APK Free for iOS Devices

Our users with iOS devices They don't have to worry about not being able to get the pro version of FaceApp. Well, this modified version is available for Android and iOS devices.

To get the apk and install it on your device you must go to the settings and deactivate the security of your mobile while you download and install the file. 

First of all, make sure to select “Download for iOS” when pressing the download button, this to avoid having any inconvenience when downloading FaceApp Pro for free iPhone. 

Download faceapp pro apk ios

On the other hand, in case it doesn't work, let us know through the comments box to update to one that is fully functional.

Features of FaceApp Mod APK 

In addition to all the functions that we mentioned in previous sections, we will show you three features that will fascinate you:

  • Save edited images without watermark
  • Get all paid features totally free
  • Use all paid effects and filters totally free
  • Record videos in full HD quality with the filter and effect you want

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are reaching the end of this article but not without clarifying your doubts about how to download FaceApp Pro APK Free. Each of these questions have been selected in various web forums.

What exactly is an APK file? 

Generally, it is a modified application developed by third parties which allows you access to full or premium content of a game or application for mobile devices. 

That is to say, that download FaceApp Pro apk For free you will get each of the premium features without having to spend a single penny.

Does FaceApp store my personal data? 

This application has been modified exclusively so that you have access to all premium features what it has for you. Therefore you should not register your data at any time.

What is the price of FaceApp Pro?

If you are thinking of acquiring the paid version of FaceApp legitimately, you should know that to obtain it you will have to pay around €3.99 per month. Still, we recommend using our APK to get the same features without having to pay anything.

final words

Without a doubt, FaceApp is a very impressive application that offers a wide variety of options so that you can edit your photos in a unique way. Therefore, so that you can enjoy this application without limits, we have brought FaceApp Pro APK. 

We hope that the information in this article is very useful to you, tell us your experience in the comment box, your opinion is very important to us. 

On the other hand, we invite you to continue browsing technohive For more quality gaming and tech content, you're going to love it!