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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Infinity Stone Generator 2024

Dragon Stones Free

There is no person in the world who has not heard about Dragon Ball Z, that anime that completely marked a generation and encouraged Japanese culture in the rest of the world. If you are an anime fan or just want to have a good time while playing, join us to see all the tricks to get Dokkan Battle stones.

And as you should know, mobile games offer a wide variety of options when it comes to obtaining resources, but almost always forcing us to pay. However, thanks to the community, it is possible to use alternatives completely free of charge.

Are you ready to get the best z fighters? Go for it!

What is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle?

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, is a mobile game of the well-known anime created by Akira Toriyama. Within it, we will have the opportunity to embody different characters with their respective alternative aspects.

Dragon Stones Dokkan Battle

When we start the battles, we can enjoy action-packed fights that seem straight out of an anime. Likewise, its mechanics are simple and addictive, prompting us to play one more game when we have a little free time.

Our mission within it will be to restore the timeline, having the opportunity to experience a totally new story and get Dokkan Battle stones in the process.

Features of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

  • Simple and addictive gameplay:
    • Enjoy a game that mixes action and puzzles in an epic combat
    • Set your game pace and plan strategies to defeat your opponents
  • Use special attacks:
    • Accumulate ki spheres to activate special attacks in pure anime style
    • The franchise's best-known attacks are available if you use the right character
    • Top-notch 2D illustrations and animations
  • All the characters you want:
    • Collect all the popular characters from DBZ until dbs
  • Organize teams:
    • Gather as many heroes as you want and take them into battle to level them up
    • Train the warriors and get to awaken new powers to fight

How to get free Dokkan Battle stones?

Once we understand what the game consists of, we can talk more in depth about the Free Dokkan Battle stones. Also known as dragon stones either dragon stonesThis is a reward that will allow us to add new fighters to our squad.

For this reason, the free stones Dokkan Battle They are so coveted, since they help us get characters directly and without depending on luck.

Although these stones can be obtained in events or at the end of a fight, the gains are minimal, having to resort to a repetitive process of I farm In most cases.

To avoid this, today technohive we will show you the best alternatives for you to get those Dokkan Battle stones without much effort. Let's see them!

Free Dokkan Battle Dragon Stone Generator

The most used method to obtain Dokkan Battle stones, resides in the well-known generators that can be found all over the internet.

Dokkan Battle generator

Through them, we can generate as many dragon stones as we want and some even include zeni generators, another of the currencies available in the application and that helps us level up our characters.

However, this has a downside and that is that very few generators actually work. Most of these are nothing more than simple scams and on many occasions, a method to steal accounts from the most gullible users.

Because of this, we have taken some time to research and bring you the best options that work 100%.

By pressing the button that we leave you below, you will find a generator of Dokkan Battle stones free and works unlimited.

How to use the generator?

  • Press the button above to be redirected to the website with the generator
  • Write your username in the game and add your ID (it is the series of numbers accompanied by a # that is found after your Nick)
  • Choose your gaming platform (Android or iOS)
  • Select the amount of zeni and Dokkan Battle stones What do you want to add to your account?
  • Finally, click on “Start” and wait a couple of seconds
  • Ready! Once the procedure is completed, you will be able to enter the game to see your new resources

Note: Although you can use the generator unlimited, we recommend you not abuse it, as your account can be banned.

Download Dokkan Battle Infinity Stones MOD APK

The second method that we will show you to achieve Dokkan Battle stones, is one of the most used within the community. Unfortunately, it only works on Android versions of the app, so keep that in mind before you start.

The reason why this hack Dokkan Battle It only works on Android, it is because we will install using a file apk.

Drangon Ball Dokkan Battle Apk

This type of files works as an installation package in our operating system and allows us to access modified versions of a game, giving us benefits that are usually paid.

In the case of Dokkan Battle, this modified version gives us unlimited dragon stones and zeni, leaving within our reach any character up to the level we need.

Below, we leave you the steps to follow to download and install:

  • Click on the button below to download DBZ Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones MOD
  • While the download is in progress, go to your device settings and make sure to activate the option “Install unknown sources”
  • Open the downloaded file and click on the button "Install"
  • Wait a few seconds and then tap on "Open"
  • Access your game account the same as always
  • Excellent! Now you know how to get free stones in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle unlimited

DBZ Dokkan Battle accounts with stones – Username and password

Continuing with our list of methods to get Dokkan Battle stones, we have abandoned accounts or shared accounts, which allow you to access a real account with unlimited dragon stones.

However, we bring you the best option, this fully functional list that will ensure you Dokkan Battle accounts updated April 2024.


Note: We try to update the table periodically with new accounts we receive from readers and players. Also, account stats, amount of stones, and unlocked characters may vary depending on your luck.

Dokkan Battle 2024 Cheats

If yours are not Dokkan Battle stones free hack and you prefer to do things on your own, there are a couple of tips that can be of great help. Pay attention to our recommendations and get ready to add hundreds of stones without resorting to any cheats:

Dokkan Battle Cheats
  • Clear an area: It may seem a bit obvious, but the best way to get Dokkan Battle stones It's just playing. Once we have cleared enough levels, we will be rewarded with a large number of stones
  • Complete the side missions: Each level has a couple of additional objectives that can give you different benefits if you complete them correctly. Pay attention before starting the fight and equip yourself with everything you need to fulfill them
  • level up: By gaining experience, you can raise your user level up to 200. Every time you reach a new level, you will get Dokkan Battle stones and they increase in quantity the closer you are to the highest level
  • Complete tournaments and events: Although the normal levels can be difficult, this is where the real challenge lies. If you are lucky and beat events and tournaments, you can get great rewards and even legendary characters.
  • Log in daily: Every time you log in, you will receive rewards based on a schedule that rotates on a monthly basis. Entering the application daily will not take you more than a few minutes and will help you get those stones that you need so much.

The importance of microtransactions in games

Undoubtedly, DBZ Dokkan Battle it is one of the best titles when it comes to the popular anime. However, since it is a mobile game, it is full of microtransactions and a difficulty that forces us to pay to get better rewards.

For this reason, on behalf of technohive We have brought you this complete guide to get free stones Dokkan Battle, either using alternative methods or functions offered by the game itself.

Have you already tried any of our methods? What do you think is the best combination of characters to win? Leave us your answer or any suggestion below in the comments.

We hope that what is shown here is helpful to you and we invite you to continue browsing our portal for more similar articles. See you!