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Alternatives to Cuevana3 in 2024: Why did Cuevana3 close? 

Alternatives to Cuevana3

If you were an active user of this famous free streaming platform, you will surely have heard about its recent closure. This has forced many consumers to look for alternatives to Cuevana3 to continue enjoying all its series, movies, documentaries and other audiovisual content. 

And despite the fact that there are a large number of websites for watch movies for free, each of them has various differences. Therefore, we have decided to study each of the available options to bring you those that guarantee your security and functionality.

On the other hand, for those users who are looking for excellent audio and video quality, we have other payment platforms. Which offer other features that will push your experience to the limit.

With that said, it's time to get started!

What happened to Cuavana3? 

In the last winter period the world of free streaming received a hard blow, as this platform, which was considered by far the best on the market, has been closed. Since she has been accused of distribution of audiovisual content illegally, as was announced by the corresponding authorities. 

As you should know, this content is guarded by the Copyright in many countries around the world, including Spain. Therefore, not only Cuevana3 has been affected, other websites dedicated to offering this type of services for free have also been closed. 

Best alternatives to Cuevana3 free

Cuevana has previously been closed for these same reasons, so it is a matter of time before it is established again through a new domain. But, in the meantime, we know that you need to continue watching and enjoying your favorite series or movies.

List of Alternatives to Cuevana3: The best websites to watch series and movies for free

If you don't want to wait to continue enjoying the best audiovisual content of the moment, then we are going to present you the best options for replace Cuevana3. Likewise, we will explain its most important aspects so that you can decide which one best suits you. 

A simple search from our browser is enough to get thousands of results that offer free streaming services. However, we recommend that you be very careful when investigating on your own, many of them may contain computer malware that affects the health of your computer.

For that same reason, we insist that you only try the sites we will show you below.

PelisPedia alternatives to Cuevana3

We start with the platform known as Cuevana3's direct competition, PelisPedia It is a site that has been offering a wide catalog of movies and series for years. It has also been removed and reported for violating copyright, but they have managed to return to continue providing the best content to their users. 

Its interface is very pleasing to the eye and quite intuitive, as it is made up only of two sections. One for the movies and another for the series, in the same way we will have a search bar that will help us find what we want to see with more precision. 


This is a site that is responsible for collect the content from other high-quality free streaming platforms to offer everything in one place. Here you will have at your fingertips series, movies, documentaries, anime and even links to enter great live events. 

It has a very simple design where you can enjoy your content from an external site, of course, with excellent quality and with different languages available. On the other hand, it has a section focused on the use of Torrents, which allows us to make unlimited downloads.


This site is focused only on offering a movie streaming service, so you won't find anything more than the best premieres and classics of the big screen. Its operation is very simple since its entire catalog is separated by genres, duration, reviews, etc.

Nevertheless, PelisPlay It has been closed for violating the rules that protect copyright, and it has been closed in different countries. If you want to log in, you will need to do so using a VPN.

On the other hand, we recommend install an ad blocker if you want to use this platform. Since it really has too much invasive advertising that can interrupt our hour of entertainment. 

Watch movies online for free

Gnula – Old alternative to Cuevana

Another of the alternatives to Cuevana3 Best known and appreciated by free streaming lovers is Gnula. Site where we can find a wide variety of series and movies completely free, as well as other content such as anime or documentaries. 

Its platform is constantly updated, so you can follow everything related to your favorite series week after week. On the other hand, you can visit the “Recommended” to see what is most popular on the website. 

Like PelisPlay, it has a big problem with the excessive amount of advertisement what are shown as you use the platform. So you will need a blocker if you want to have an optimal experience.


Although it is valued by users and allows you to access endless movies, series, documentaries, anime and much more audiovisual content, DivXTotal It is one of the most effective but tedious to use options on our list. 

Not everything is so bad, the reality is that it is a platform designed especially for downloading, that is, it does not have the function for Watch movies online. Even so, the quality of its files is excellent and very safe to download, so if you have a good internet connection, you should not miss the opportunity to try this website.


Among all the options we have in our post alternatives to Cuevana3 To watch any audiovisual content for free, we cannot forget PelisPlus. A platform designed for those users who consider themselves true lovers of the seventh art. 

On this website we can find different sections very quickly and easily, since its interface has options for advanced search. You can filter the title you are looking for by its release date, number of views and genre.

Free Streaming Services

Paid alternatives to Cuevana3

Now that you know those free but illegal streaming platforms, it's time to know more honest options. Payment platforms offer a quality service at a fairly affordable price, so do not hesitate to access it if one catches your attention. 


You surely know this great television network, as it is one of the oldest platforms belonging to the streaming market. Well, HBO Not only has it been responsible for bringing us the best series of the decade, but it also has a wide catalog of movies for all ages which you cannot miss. 

Its quality is perfect, you don't need a fast internet connection to enjoy the best HD content Well, it is very well optimized. In addition, you can watch other types of content such as series from the best animation houses, such as Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, among others.


One of the recently launched platforms is Disney+, which has an entire catalog that offers everything that has to do with this giant company. Here we can find content of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and much more in a matter of seconds.

All of its theatrical releases are available on the website simultaneously, of course, this adds Additional charges to your monthly subscription. But don't worry, because if you don't want to spend more money you can wait for what happens as general content of the application.

On this site you can have up to seven profiles and play all the content you want on four devices at the same time. You also have a section dedicated to live sporting events that you cannot miss.

Amazon Prime Video

We finish with the service of Amazon streaming, which has gradually climbed to be one of the most used platforms worldwide. And at the same time, it is one of the most economical options in this section. 

It has a very varied catalogue, which includes everything from very popular series to original Amazon productions that you should not miss. The best of all is that getting a subscription to this site guarantees you other great benefits as:

  • Discounts
  • Offers 
  • Free ebooks
  • Access to Twitch Prime
  • Prime Gaming

Without a doubt, this platform is one of the best options to watch movies and series from our computer or Smart TV. However, a disadvantage to take into account is that the mobile application has many errors in terms of its operation and subtitle synchronization.

Best streaming sites

Use the alternatives to Cuevana3 and continue enjoying the best content

!! Congratulations!! You have reached the end of our article, which means that you know all the alternatives to Cuevana3 to continue enjoying your favorite content. Now, it's a matter of choosing the option that best suits your needs. 

We hope that all information that is shown throughout this post has been of great help to you. Do you know another free streaming platform to replace Cuevana? Tell us in the comments! 

Also we invite you to continue browsing through our web portal to get more content related to the world of entertainment and streaming. At Tecnohive we try to keep you up to date with the most updated content. 

See you in another occasion!