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WhatsApp channels: Learn everything about how they work (2024)

whatsapp channels

Who doesn't know WhatsApp today? Most users with Android or iOS mobile devices have this text messaging platform on their cell phones. Which releases new updates every day to improve its operation, recently the WhatsApp channels and at TecnoGuias we have decided to show you all the details of this new feature.

In principle, WhatsApp was designed solely to be able to communicate with our closest contacts such as friends, family, romantic partners, among others. But, over time it has implemented some changes, turning it into a type of social network, for example, options for upload statuses, create groups, communities and now, join channels.

If you want to know everything about the channels and even how to create your ownDon't move, you're in the right place. Get all the information you want in seconds by taking advantage of this medium, don't miss it!

What are WhatsApp channels?

If you have used other instant messaging applications such as Telegram, you are surely familiar with the channels. It is a system for send messages in bulk to a large number of users with common interests.

When joining a channel you should know that you will only be able to receive messages, since the main rule of this feature is that only channel creators can communicate. Thanks to this, great media, artists and celebrities They have started using this feature to be closer to their followers. 

WhatsApp channels how they work

On the other hand, its members can only read, react and share each communication, replying or leaving comments is not an option. The only ones with permissions to send messages are the channel owners or their administrators.

In summary, it could be said that channels are a alternative to be aware of all the news around the world without having to open other social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. 

Differences between WhatsApp communities and channels

So that you have a clearer idea about this new WhatsApp feature, we are going to mention some of them. points so you can differentiate and understand each of these functions. 

Communities function only to unite different groups with similar interests In one single place. This way you can group your classmates, workmates, among others and manage them easily.

What are WhatsApp channels

As for WhatsApp channels, they only offer a one-way messaging service. That is to say, only the channel creator can send messages, photos, videos and much more.

How can I watch the channels?

If you are interested in this new feature and want to see it for yourself, we are going to show you where you can see them. But first, make sure you have updated your device with the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger, to do this, go to the official store of your device and search for the application. If you don't have any updates, you will have to wait.

To do this, WhatsApp has designed a new section called “News”, there we can find the statuses of our contacts. To see the channels you just have to scroll to the end to enter the channels section.

A list will be displayed with all available channelsIn principle, the most popular will be shown. But, you will also have options to search for them on your own, as well as filters to find the newest ones, with the most members or from a specific country, ideal for keeping up with online news.

Once you have joined a channel you can adjust some settings To have a more comfortable experience, how to disable your notifications. Remember that you can go to the “News” section to see the channels you have joined. 

How to create a WhatsApp channel

Would you like to have your own WhatsApp channel to keep your community of followers informed? We will help you. We are going to show you the entire process to get a channel On this platform, don't worry, it's very simple.

If you already have the “News” section in your WhatsApp account, you must enter and slide through all the statuses of your contacts until you reach said section. You will notice that on one side there is a “+” sign, click on it and then click on “Create channel”. Read the description carefully and click “Continue” to go to the next step.

How to create a WhatsApp channel

It's time to configure it, add a unique image so that your followers can identify it more easily. Also, assign an original name and description so that new users have a preview what your channel is about.

Press again on “Accept” and in a matter of a second you will have created your WhatsApp channel. It's just a matter of sharing it with your followers or friends to start spreading information. 

Enjoy WhatsApp channels 

It is certainly one of the best updates of WhatsApp this year, therefore, we could not miss it. We hope that all the information about this new feature has been of great help to you. 

Do you have any questions about it? In that case, you can ask us any questions through the comment box. We will gladly try to respond in the shortest time possible. 

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