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Send Free SMS Online from PC in 2024

send free sms online

For many, SMS may be an impractical means of communication compared to the most complete chats such as Telegram and WhatsApp. Because they have limitations at the content level. However, they continue to be a functional communication channel. For this reason, many want to know how to send free SMS online from PC.

To know how to Send Free SMS Online from PC, you just have to read this article to know the best platforms for it. Since in this text we have compiled the best services to send free messages. So reading this article you can start sending free messages to cell phones.

Best Platforms to Send Free SMS Online from PC

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are multiple online services and platforms to send free messages. However, not all of them offer a true quality service and many of them have flaws. Below we will show you the most reliable and effective platforms that will allow you to send messages for free.


The best platform to start the list of services for send free messages to cell phones is Afreesms. Which has the great advantage of being available for a wide list of countries. In addition to having great service and not requiring any kind of registration to use it.

Using Afreesms services is very simple because only with the recipient's telephone data will you be able to send the message. The text messages offered by this platform can have up to 160 characters each

Send Free SMS Online afreesms

Once the message is finished, you can send it but not before solving a simple captcha. Afreesms will notify you that the message has been sent successfully.


If you want to send a free message to a cell phone, you can opt for Globfone. Which is considered by many as the best platform to send free messages to cell phones. since this has wide compatibility both in Europe and in America. In addition to this we must highlight that to use Globafon no registration required.


This platform to Send Free SMS Online from PC is the first on the list that does request registration to be used. But you should not worry because registration is extremely simple and is done quickly on the page. This platform has compatibility with more than 30 operators in different countries.

This is an alternative to send free messages to cell phones in case other pages without registration are not working. It is important to mention that this platform offers free messages on a limited basis. Well, if you want to send a mass message to several numbers you will have to make a payment.

Send Free SMS Online sendsmsnow

Just by selecting your country and the recipient's number you can build the text and send it that easily. You will only have to solve a security captcha before confirming the sending of the message. This website is very convenient to use and it has the great advantage of allowing you to operate without any kind of annoying ads.


Twinsms is one of those modest platforms that has been growing and improving its free cell phone messaging services. So much so that currently we can get it for free in the google play store. So that we can not only send Free SMS Online from PC, but also from our Android device.

24 SMS

On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention 24SMS, which is a page highly praised by people who like to send free messages to cell phones. Since this platform has the highest number in compatibility. This is because it is available in 160 countries worldwide. Which is an incredible number that makes it worth using.

We can also praise the simplicity and ease of the platform for users to use. Only you must enter the country area code you want to write to along with the recipient's phone number. Once this information is completed, you just have to write your message and click send.

Send Free SMS Online 24sms

This is a very complete platform with intuitive operation suitable for all audiences. However, it has a negative element since it has too much advertising and it can be annoying. But outside of that, it continues to be one of the best platforms to send free messages.


TextEm is crowned as the most popular platform to Send Free SMS Online from PC in North America. Well, this has an overwhelming compatibility with more than 90 operators within the United States and Canada. Whereby It is a highly recommended service. if you wish to maintain contact within these countries. 

This is one of the best services for free messages to cell phones, so it is expected that it requires registration. However, this platform is of very good quality so we can assure you that it is worth it. Also with TextEm you will have an inbox at your disposal with which you can receive messages on this platform.


If you want a fast platform to send free messages, we recommend TextEmNow. Well, this platform is designed to work quickly and allow you to write and send your messages without setbacks. The only negative is that this platform is usually out of service With some frequency.

Send Free SMS Online textemnow


With this platform you will have the possibility to send Free SMS Online from PC to more than 160 countries in the world. Furthermore Pumpsms is a platform that it is generally not out of order. Since this account with two servers enabled in case one of these does not work.

If you want a high-quality service like TextEm without making any registration, this is your ideal platform. On the other hand, one of the features that makes this platform more striking is that you can send multimedia messages too.

Compared to other platforms, may seem limited by only being available for 15 countries. However, it turns out to be a very reliable and easy to use platform.

Which offers free messaging services without the need for any registration. Besides The platform continues to improve gradually and it is expected to soon expand its compatibility spectrum to more countries.

send free international sms

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