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Third-party apps to browse Reddit in 2024

Best apps for browsing reddit

Although Reddit has an application to download from official stores, it is not available in Spain and other countries. Don't worry, there are different third-party apps for browsing Reddit very easy to use, so you can continue enjoying all the content on this platform.

On the other hand, the platform has decided to take other measures that harm to the vast majority of its users. For this reason, more and more people are looking for a second option to continue browsing Reddit.

Would you like to learn more about these applications? Each of them offers different features that adjust to the needs of the user. Continue reading until the end to find out which is the ideal option for you! 

Why do I have to use third-party apps to navigate Reddit?

As we mentioned, there are different reasons why you need to search third-party apps for Reddit. Mainly, it is due to the fact that the platform has begun to charge for the use of its API, creating a big problem for users who do not have money to use it on this website. 

It is worth mentioning that thanks to this, many applications that allowed access to Reddit have stopped working. Since by violating the new conditions of use, they could be involved in a large economic demand from the official platform. 

Reddit API Changes

Usually third-party alternatives to use Reddit they usually work much better than the original application. Also, it offers additional features and contains fewer advertisements, making users delighted with its services. 

Even so, not all programs to continue browsing Reddit have been affected by this modification. So, it's time to get to know about third-party apps for browsing reddit for free and of course, safe.

List of third-party apps to browse Reddit

If you are interested in trying any of the alternatives available to navigate on this platform but you don't know where to start, don't be alarmed. Our work team has compiled the best options together with their highlights so you can make a decision. 

Without further ado, let's get to it! 

Boost for Reddit

We start with one of the third-party applications to use Reddit most downloaded and preferred by users. Boost for Reddit It is available for Android devices that allows you to use the platform without any type of charge or additional cost.

It is a very complete option because it allows you to fully manage all reddit options, you can change themes, filter content, updates based on subreddits, trending, popular, new, etc. 

Boost for reddit

You can easily search for all of this through the advanced filtering option, there you can also choose the type of content you want to see. For example, images, links, videos, GIFs and much more.

Bacon Reader

If you are looking for an option to continue using Reddit that is much more focused on aesthetics and design, Bacon Reader is your best option. It has many very useful functions to navigate optimally on this platform.

You can choose the theme to change it to night mode, choose default subreddits that will be displayed on the home page. As well as order or filter the types of content and updates with the latest, among others.

Bacon Reader for Reddit

Among other great features, we can choose the inbox update time lapse, this being a great resource for data saving. Without a doubt, it is a very complete alternative.

Joey for Reddit

If you want something lighter and more intuitive, Joey for Reddit It is ideal for you, because it has very interesting functions that you cannot miss. For example, you can click to select photos, links and videos without opening them, thus saving a lot of time. 

like others applications to continue browsing reddit, you can move between different tabs with ease. This alternative does not have options to sort and filter content searches, but this will not be a problem, since you will be able to continue reading questions and answers sections, see usernames and comment on a post.

Applications to follow browsing reddit

As for its customization, it has nothing to envy from other applications, since you can change the theme manually, activate night mode and apply formats in the comments through the text editor. You can download this application for free from the Play Store.

Nano for Reddit

Are you an iOS user? Whether you have a iPhone or Apple Watch, this alternative will allow you to use the most basic options of the platform such as reading and voting in different publications, receiving notifications, etc.

As you can see, this application is designed to keep checking reddit from anywhere totally free. However, if you want additional options like multireddits, you will have to cancel a subscription.


Next we are going to talk about an application with a very innovative design. “Sync for Reddit” has a peculiar format that will make your experience browsing the platform much more enjoyable. 

It is available in official stores, it is very light and easy to use, as it has a drop-down list so you can view the subreddits, color coded comments, voting, etc. 

Apps to browse reddit

At first this application was specifically created a section, as it is capable of supporting large amounts of gifs. But, its new updates have given a lot to talk about, since it contains a preview viewer, management of multiple accounts and windows for subreddits, etc. 


It is a open source application Available for Android devices, which has an interface that is very pleasing to the eye and modifiable at will. You can select whether you want a dark or light mode for the theme, custom animations, and constant updates. 

Another of its most important features is navigation or use through gestures, customizable themes, and support for multiple accounts. In the same way, this application is capable of blocking any type of advertisement so that your browsing is not interrupted. 

Slide for reddit

Apollo to browse Reddit

We end our list with an application recognized and appreciated by all Reddit users who manage a iOS device. Apollo is an application to continue browsing this platform and, in turn, make use of incredible functions that will significantly improve your experience.

Gesture browsing, dark mode, ad blocker, push notifications and much more are waiting for you in this amazing app. Besides, can Modify to your liking other aspects such as the theme, text size, swipe gestures and much more.

Apollo for reddit

Note that Apollo It is available totally free in its respective official store, but it is hampered by certain limitations. In case you want a more complete version, you must purchase its premium version called "Apollo Pro" 

Why use third-party apps to browse Reddit?

If you have not yet made a decision about trying these types of applications to continue enjoying the reddit content, then we are going to show you other features that may be of interest to you. Below we will leave you a brief mention of each of them.

  • Personalization: As you may have noticed, third-party applications can have totally different designs and styles than the official version of Reddit, making their use more comfortable.
  • optimal navigation: These apps offer various features that make it easy to navigate the subreddits. Customizable tabs, search filters, advanced search options and much more
  • content management: Depending on the application you want to download to browse Reddit, you can make use of additional tools to save, bookmark and even download any content within the platform
  • Platform integration: Some of the applications shown throughout this post allow you to quickly interact and share Reddit content on different social networks

NOTE: It is important to take into account that the use of these applications does not have official support from the official Reddit platform. Therefore, you must be very careful when choosing, for our part, we recommend checking the reviews and the reputation of its developer to make the right decision.

In order not to have any type of inconvenience and do not waste time looking for a functional alternative. You can confidently download and use any of the third-party apps for browsing Reddit that we show you throughout this post.


Now that you have reached the end of our post, it is time to choose the best alternative to browsing Reddit. We hope that the information we have provided is to your liking and above all, of great help.

Do you know another option to use Reddit? In that case, tell us in the comment box. Our team will be in charge of evaluating its efficacy and safety in order to include it in this article. 

On the other hand, we invite you to continue browsing our web portal for more content related to the world of social networks and mobile applications. In technohive We make sure to bring the latest in the world of technology, don't miss it!