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How to record calls on Android and iOS: Updated 2024

Call recording apps

Today's technology allows us to backup any type of information relevant to us through photos, videos and even calls. If you do not know how to record calls on Android or any mobile device, don't worry, we present our guide so you can do it. 

There are several reasons why recording a call can be very useful, such as remember important details of a conversation or security reasons. On the other hand, this function is essential for those who carry out or wish to apply for an interview.

Whatever your case, we want you to learn everything about this function and the options available to record calls on your mobile. Do you want to know more about it? Stay with us until the end of this article!

Why record calls on Android?

Before I teach you how to record calls on android, we believe that it is important that you know what this option can be used for. Well, you can take advantage of it for any professional, legal or routine situation.

Some people decide to record their calls so as not to forget data from a conversation. Such as dates, cell phone numbers, addresses, names and other aspects that could very easily be forgotten.

Record calls on Android

Recording calls is a security measure used in different areas where people may expose themselves to possible threats. Well, in this way they manage to have a record of each interaction to go before the competent authorities. 

Without a doubt, saving all the information that is shared in a simple call is very useful. But due to security and privacy standards, this feature has suffered some limitations.

To avoid them, we are going to teach you everything you need to record entire calls, in good quality and totally safe.

How to record calls on Android?

While the ability to record calls can depend Depending on the version of your Android device and some privacy regulations in the country you live in, there are several ways to save your conversations in your cell phone memory. 

Recording calls was never something out of this world, but in the latest versions of Android, Google has implemented some restrictions, making this task more tedious. However, some Android device manufacturers include this feature in their custom interfaces.

How to record calls on Android

Below we are going to show you some methods to record Android calls without problems. Some of them have different types of quality and features, you just have to choose the one that best suits what you need.

How to record calls on Android with the manufacturer's feature

Some well-known cell phone companies such as Samsung include the option to record direct calls from phone app. This is the simplest method, as you just have to open said app on your device and make the call, then click on the icon (It is usually a microphone) to start recording the conversation.

Please note that the recording duration depends on the limit set by your operator and the internal memory of your device. In some cases, only recording is allowed 20 minutes of every call you make.

How to record calls on Android using external applications

In official stores like Play Store or App Store We can find some applications that allow us to record calls. Which offer various very interesting functions, respect all safety regulations and have fascinating audio quality and interface.

Thanks to this we can save and record for much longer conversations, as they usually make use of the cloud. For this same reason, it is also possible to share and play calls from other devices.

Applications to record calls on Android

However, you must be very careful when looking for applications to record calls on Android. Well, this type of apps They can access your personal data, make sure that the program you are about to download is totally safe.

Knowing this, we name you the best applications to record calls.

Call Recorder

This is one of the most used applications for record calls on android and it is no wonder, because it is very complete. Since it allows you to choose the exact part of the conversation you want to record, whether it is the incoming voice, the outgoing voice or both.

Another of the most attractive features of Call Recorder is that it is linked to the Google Drive cloud to save all recordings automatically in case the device is lost.

So you can keep the order of your recordings, this app offers a custom tags feature. This way you will know what each of the calls registered in the App is about,

Cube ACR

This alternative is much less known but has nothing to envy of other apps to record calls on Android devices. Cube ACR It will record all conversations automatically once you install the application on your mobile.

You can record all the calls you want with high audio quality, but that's not all. Well, this App also allows you to record and store voice conversations in other applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Instagram and other VoIP platforms.

Super Call Recorder

This is a free application available on Google Play which allows you to save unlimited calls on your device. Super Call Recorder has its own player, thus avoiding the process of playing audio from another device.

Its interface is very simple and pleasant to use, you will have each of its functions available in the main screen of the app. Likewise, you can use other options such as sharing calls through any platform.

Blackbox Call Recorder

It is undoubtedly one of the most modern and beautiful from this list, since its interface has many details to offer a complete user experience. Blackbox is responsible for recording and recording all calls automatically in the Google Drive cloud.

With this app you can select several contacts to create a “White List”, where calls will begin to be recorded automatically when it is someone belonging to said list. As for its quality, you will not have to worry, you will be able to listen to all the recordings as if it were the call in real time.

Boldbeast Call Recorder

If you are looking for how to record calls on Android from an app that is compatible with your old device, Boldbeast is your solution. Well, it is not only known for being an excellent voice conversation recorder, but also for its great compatibility with all versions of this operating system.

You can use the white or black list to choose the contacts you want to record, manage conversations and save them in excellent audio quality. Additionally, you can add small voice notes to each recording to add details that you should not forget.

How to record audio calls on iPhone

We have not forgotten our Apple users, and this company is much stricter when it comes to recording calls. Well, it automatically blocks any recording made from the iOS system app, without allowing any type of information to be saved.

Still, if you want to record calls on iPhone, you will have to do it directly from the recording app. Over there, add the number of the person you want to have a record of their conversations.

How to record calls on iPhone

Applications to record calls on iPhone

We have given ourselves the task of researching apps that allow record and store any type of call on your iOS device. Below we quickly show you each of the available options. 


Old Apple users must know this app, RecMe It is one of the most complete options to record calls automatically. It has various functions that will help you organize all the records you have and also allows you to export all the audios to the cloud.

You can find this application in the App Store totally free, you should not worry about your personal data because Apple's policies reject any type of access to this by developers.

HD Call Recorder 

Its name says it all, this App stores all the calls you want so automatic or manual, depending on your tastes. Unlike the other applications, its interface is very simple and it doesn't have much to offer, but it is still a very good option to address this problem.

How to record calls on Android without apps

Are you looking for a way to record your calls without having to download or use any built-in application? it's possible thanks to one of the most basic methods and used throughout the world.

We refer to recording calls using another device, in this way we ensure that the quality of the voices will be heard perfectly. Furthermore, since it is an audio file, sharing it to other devices will be a very simple task.

We explain it to you Step by Step

  • Find a second cell phone to record the audio 
  • Make the call and activate the speaker 
  • On the second device, enter the recorder app 
  • Press the button to start recording
  • That's all, make sure the volume on your phone is high enough to not let out details of the conversation.


If you have come this far, congratulations, it means that now you know how to record calls on android or on your iOS device. We hope that all the information provided throughout this article is of great help to you. 

For more tutorials similar to this one or related to the world of cell phones, video games and technology continue browsing Tecnohive. That's all for this occasion, we hope to see you soon.